Saturday, July 30, 2011

Short and Long term goals...

My goals have mostly always been "weight loss" in a number on the view on this is changing lately....and im sure even once i meet my current goals i will come up with new ones (running is always going to be a eventual goal...maybe a elusive goal...its not something im focused on at the moment but in time) but im definitely one of these people who need goals otherwise i end up wandering around the gym aimlessly thinking what the hell am i doing LOL....

This is a mixture of short and long term goals...

To be under 80 kilos by xmas...and under 75 kilos by next june - initially aimed to be at 85.8 kilos by tomorrow! LOL Im 3 kilos off that. After not having many carbs then going back to normal level of carbs the scales have jumped up 1.5 kilos...sighs! I think to lose 8.5 kilos over the next 5 months is doable. That works out to about 1.7 kilos per month and on average 400-500 grams per week...which is doable. Im not concerned these days with losing large fact i think losing the last 15 kilos a lil slower and building muscle is not a bad thing. And of course then 5 kilos in the first 6 months of next year is COMPLETELY doable. Thats under a kilo per week. I really wanna set attainable goals...cos getting to the 31st july and not reaching my goal of 85.5 kilos (and being quite the way of it) is a lil bit demoralising.

To be able to do proper burpees and pushups - pushups have been a goal of mine for what feels like a life time LOL....but it was something pretty early in my gym days that i set as a goal. I can do them on my toes...but i lower myself all of like half a centimetre....i wanna eventually be able to go very low. The burpees is one that has come up recently in my mind...i think if i could manage 10 of them with GOOD form would really be indicative of me having really progressed. I cant even do one properly....but to me its really kind of a sign of where my physical abilities are at if i can do burpees.

To complete a 30 flight stair climb in under 10 minutes in October - i dont really know how doable this is under 10 minutes! LOL But im slowly working on it but i guess in another 2-4 weeks we will ramp up the training for that a lil more.

To start studying towards being a personal trainer - this is a long term goal....i really dont want to do it till i am at goal. I am the type of person who needs to focus on one thing at a time. And i may never use it but i would certainly like to complete the studies.

To be a size 14 jeans - to me this is kinda like "goal"....i dont expect jean/pant size ill ever be able to get into size 12's im hippy and will always be....and i think i will always be a size larger on my bottom half.

To go swimming regularly - i have wanted to do this over the last few years....but i put it off every year! lol even tho i know now i wouldnt be the biggest in the main issue in all honesty is getting in and out of the pool...i am paranoid of slipping on the quite obviously wet steps for getting in and out...never know maybe this year....or at the very least maybe ill venture down to the beach a few times (no steps there and i did go to the beach several times last year while at streaky)

I gymmed it today and feel so good for doing it! We did weights (traditional weights stuff which we havent done for quite a while...i suspect some sore muscles tomorrow!!!!) then did 30 minutes on the bike (rode 13.91 kms), then 15 minutes on the xtrainer and then a 60 minute body balance class. I really enjoy body balance....after doing pilates the other day and being bored out of my brain....doing balance and not even looking at the clock till 45 minutes into it was great! And i feel much better....i know it doesnt necessarily boost weight loss...but i think its good for my body. :)

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