Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I fell over last nite in combat :( Mostly just my pride was hurt...i landed on my ass once and one other time i nearly fell as well...both times doing the same exercise (shuffling backwards) im a lil concerned now about falling again...its really not fun!!

I did decide to pull back on my calories a bit.....ever since i have got under 90 kilos (which admittedly was only 2 weeks ago) but in that two weeks i have only lost 700 grams. So i have cut back to 1350 calories per day, and also decided to focus on more fruit and vegetables. On my high calorie days (monday, thursday and saturday) ill eat exactly as i have been. But when it comes to my low calorie days...im gonna eat like i did today...so breakfast was a cup of blueberries and 200 grams of low fat natural yoghurt....lunch was a salad with baby spinach, cucumber, capsicum, bean sprouts, 50 grams turkey, half a avocado, 16 grams of walnuts and a teaspoon of balsamic vinegar (all up only 298 calories)...a protein shake made with milk....a banana with 15 grams of natural peanut butter....and dinner is going to be 180 grams of lemon pepper chicken, cherry tomatos roasted and 30 grams of feta....1300 calories but lots of food....so thats how my low cal days will be....the high calorie days ill get my carbie food in...my weetbix...and sandwiches.

This weekend i am planning to go to the gardening store! Find some vegetable plants to plant....i have a few pots so i will get some things in the pots to grow. Who knows what....depends whats plantable (is that a word?) at the moment.

Today i went into the gym....did a boxing class....and then jogged up 2 flights of stairs....unfortunately my knee started to hurt then so i gave up. I need to jog up 20 this week. So didnt make much of a dent into that!! LOL. Tonite im not gymming it....but tomorrow will be pump (and presuming my hand can take my body weight by the morning) and balance plus 15 minutes of trying to balance on my hands and knees on a fitball....and then tomorrow nite free style cycle class. I also have started today doing the stretches i had for my achilles earlier in the year....im getting the odd twinge in it...so will get back on to that before it develops into anything.

Oh and if you want motivation of how your life could be at goal.... read this post

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