Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Turkey, Avocado and Walnut Salad

Ive come to the conclusion that you need 5 ingredients for a good salad....vegetables/fruit, a good fat, a protein, a dressing and a handful of nuts. And thats precisely what I did for this salad...its so yummy and SO filling...i love it! So i am sharing it.

So firstly take your vegetables chop them up and mix them (i used baby spinach, lebanese cucumber, capsicum, bean sprouts), then add 50 grams (2 slices) of smoked turkey chopped into pieces, then add half a avocado and then 16 grams of walnuts. And the final touch...add some balsamic vinegar.

One of the reasons i love this salad is its full of "superfoods" which i really have got into lately. I love avocado and walnuts (did you know while things like olive oil and avocados are good fats they don't have enough polyunsaturated fats (which we need)? And walnuts do!)

And even better...this salad is only 298 calories for a huge bowl full!

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