Monday, July 18, 2011

Weigh in Day and weekly wrap up

I think last week we can definitely call a success! After staying the same last week....i lose 700 grams and so now weigh 88.2 kilos. And the total amount i have lost is 82.7 kilos.

Last week i came to some decisions and put some changes into place. I decided I needed to get my social life back to how it was 3 months ago. 3 months ago it was controlled....generally as a rule most of my socialising involved walking with friends or going out for lunch/dinner with friends. These are things i can control and stay perfectly on plan. But once the socialising started to involve alcohol, party nibblies etc i was spending 1-2 days with challenges that really made staying on track difficult. No ones fault. But for me to reach my goals i knew i needed to change this....i also knew i was enjoying the socialising....and as i was enjoying getting out and about my focus on getting to goal was not as big a focus as it should be. So i did what we are always told to do....and thats put ourselves first. A big thing that lots of overweight people do...we just dont put ourselves first...and the results on the scales prove to me it was the right decision. I made a much better effort with exercise....and did 8 hours of exercise which was 2.5 times what i did the previous week.

I also started to get my focus on cooking and cooking some new recipes. I mastered a new muffin recipe and also chicken tikka masala.

The funny thing i focus more on my priority....i feel better about myself and happier. Ive come to the realisation that until im at goal that dating or meeting new people is just not on the agenda. Im not sad about the fact....there will be plenty of time for socialing, dating etc once i get to goal.

So now onto a new week and hopefully another loss. Did PT this morning....more torture lol....and in 5 minutes im about to run out the door for 30 minutes boxing....then 45 minutes combat and if im not too buggered a hour of bodyjam.

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