Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Well i have a cold! argh!!! Its a bit better then yesterday and i can at least breathe now lol but ugh frustrating. Also frustrating is the fact the scales have gone up a kilo. I am putting it down to a couple of things...one...this cold and the fact im taking cold n flu tablets wouldnt be helping....two my cycle is due in the next 6 days or so and thirdly i think i may not be eating enough for all my exercise!

I exercised for 17 hours 23 minutes last week...and burnt 5500 calories...but didnt increase my food at all. So i did some recalculations...according to Jillians calculations if i ate 2300 calories per day with that much exercise i should lose a kilo a week. Im not keen on that big a jump so im gonna do 2000 calories per day but i will cycle it like i normally do having my high and low calorie days. I am seeing Amy my food coach today (havent seen her for over a month or so and while the scales have dropped a lil they havent dropped much) so i will mention this too her and see what she thinks. Then i have a 30 minute PT session with fiona. I will then rest and then thursday go back to the gym. Tomorrow i have a new bed and mattress being delivered (YAY) so i need to be around the house anyway....so hopefully by thursday i will be fighting be fit again and back into everything.

Not much else going on...have a good day all!

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