Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Well very surprisingly the scales were back down to 90.5 kilos this a day of no cold n flu tablets and increasing the water a lil and a huge drop! YAY. My new bed and mattress arrived today....i have a guy coming on friday to set up the bed...seriously cannot wait for friday nite to sleep in my lovely bed!

I cooked today...made some oat n fruit muffins and tonite for dinner i am making a meals from littlepiggynomore's website...chicken parcels with cheese, spinach and semi dried tomatos....seriously cannot wait for dinner! yum yum!!!

My cold is much better...i am staying in tonite (did think about going to xfit but lol i chickened out) ... back to the gym tomorrow!

Not much else going on....hope you all have a good night!!

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