Sunday, May 01, 2011

Progress Pics

Lots happening lately!!! I met a girl of the pink sofa on friday nite for a few drinks at the wheaty....all went really well :) and we are planning to go out by ourselves to a movie and dinner at some stage ;)

I also went shopping today....bought 2 pairs of size 18 jeans from the NORMAL section at target...and they fit perfectly!!!! Also tries on some zip up knee high boots and they did up over my calves so very impressed! (i lay-byed them) and to celebrate heres a pic taken today at 94.6 kilos (76.3 kilos lost) in one of the new pairs of jeans!!


Trish said...

wow - you look wonderful and you are such an inspiration to us all

Maggie said...

Like I said on look amazing. I'm so proud of you!

I can't wait to get a pair of boots (normal ones) to do up around my calves. One day!

zanyzana said...

Well done. And congrats for so many things... a date - yay! Looking awesome - yay! Calf-fitting boots - yay! New clothes NOT PLUS SIZED - yay! Woohoo!!

Pinky said...

Woo hoo - looking good - congrats on the boots - so can't wait till I can fit some!