Tuesday, May 03, 2011

So the girl who i met for a drink last friday nite mentioned on that nite going out on our own for dinner and a movie. So this morning I texted her and said do you wanna do that this weekend? She replied...she would love too but she is off to geelong this weekend for her mums 60th so we would need to do it the following week....so have replied back and told her i have plans the saturday nite but the friday nite would work....so appears the weekend after this one i may have a "date" Im not putting any expectations on this except maybe i will make a new friend out of this...(cos i could always do with more!) but i am interested so we will see what happens. I have that day off work too so that kinda works out well But the truth of the matter is even if it doesnt work out....this getting out there stuff has helped me. The last time i met someone and they showed interest was when i was about 135 kilos about 6-7 years ago just after i split with Ang. I thought at the time this girl....apart from being a tad stalkerish lol was just a tad crazy... why on earth would someone like me once they had SEEN me. I dont believe i have a attractive face (altho these days i am liking it better) to the point i hate even looking in the mirror...im fat...i have/had a body completely out of proportion. But yanno when i got dressed for last friday nite...i knew i looked pretty good (the wonders of makeup) and whilst im not slim im not huge....and there was someone who seemed attentative to me and appears to have not been replused by me...so its a learning experience...just gotta drill it into my brain now.

Last nite fiona wanted me to do intervals so i ran for a total of 12 minutes...I managed 10 minutes of running interspersed with 6 minutes of walking before i died and told her i gave up! lol I really dont have the cardio fitness for this running thing...and i can handle sweating...i can handle having to move my legs fast but that whole puffing trying to catch my breath stuff is for the birds!!! LOL Completely dislike it and really dont think i can ever build my stamina/fitness up to that. But the running thing is still a goal....really what i want is to be able to run...i just am not so keen on putting in the work to be able to run ;) LOL

Weighed in tonite....lost 1.1 kilos....so down to 94.4 kilos...18.4 kilos to goal...how amazing is that? Amy (my food coach) also commented how for my weight my body fat is really quite low. So BONUS

So things are happening...maybe some of those goals of a social life....and maybe even a partner arent just pipe dreams that will never happpen...maybe there is a possibility of having what I really want :)

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Jane said...

Of course they are not pipe dreams and of course you are going to have everything you ever wanted - I think you underestimate yourself too much.

You are an amazing woman who has completely transformed her life for the better. There are soooo many people out there that just wish they could have achieved what you have.

I know you will conquer the running, it may take a little more time that you expected, but I am positive you will get there.

You are amazing and you need to believe it - I do, I think you are absolutely incredible. Your determination and courage to lose the weight you have lost is an enormous inspiration for me.