Tuesday, April 26, 2011


So Tania asked the question of how do i stay motivated. So i decided to use that question as a basis for a post. And its actually not a easy question to answer and for ME is made up of several different answers.

So the first part of the answer is...i was over 170 kilos...going back there scares the bejeezus out of me. I dont want to get back to a situation where a short walk was too hard for me...where the highhlight of me day is eating KFC for dinner while staring at a computer screen. I just refuse to go back there....so i have no other choice but to either maintain or lose more weight. I often think about the saying.....that time will pass either way...and i will either lose, maintain or gain....im going with the first option.

In line with that i am also convinced if i dont reach 76 kilos or lower then i will regain it all back. So while yes im not perfect and will fall of the wagon at times i always will get back on it.

Having lost so much weight....and getting told regularly "your an inspiration" imagine how mortifying it would be to put on all the weight again. I just couldnt handle so other peoples expectations certainly play a part in this.

The gym completely motivates me...you can guarantee if im not on track i havent been to the gym...once ive gone back i generally get in that right headspace again...im not sure if its the exercise itself or just being around healthy minded people but it works....slack off at the gym and everything else seems to follow along.

Of course Fiona is a HUGE motivating factor. I remember when i first started training with her....id been training for a few months and it was when the dreaded TRX was completely doing my head in...and i sent her a message saying i needed a break from the gym etc and i will never forget her reply cos often when im having a moment when i wanna ditch it all i often think of this and it was jsut a simple "are you doing this to punish yourself" and ultimately going off track is going to hurt no one but me...we have to take responsibility for this journey ourselves good and bad. Of course now after training with her for nearly 3 years i dont even think i could quit my PT sessions LOL i would feel so guilty and I know she would be disappointed and whilst of course she would get over it its ultimately hurting myself. The gym itself and the empowerment of getting fit gives you helps motivate me too. The classes i do...especially classes like body balance which can have some rather tricky moves etc in them....to attend the class week after week then one week realise....wow i do this so much better now...its a fabulous feeling....everytime i improve at a exercise or step or whatever its another step closer to normality. Its another step away from me being "the fat girl" Whilst fiona doesnt sit there and check on my weight etc there is motivation in other ways....especially lately where we have been figuring out times for me to do things...like the treadmill...the rower...and fiona often tells me the time she can do the same thing in and i find that INCREDIBLY motivating...she is a trainer i dont expect to be able to do things better then her...im kewl with me coming in second when its between the two of us....but to come close to her times...or even beat her times (and that has happened once!!!) its hugely motivating.

The other thing is .... the place im at right now is pretty cool...i have under 20 kilos to get to the heatlhy weight range for my height...i caught myself in the mirror at the gym the other day and whilst yes i am still hippy and big thighs i was stunned by how small (not counting my boobs!) i look on the top half...i mite even say i look "normal" on that top half. My body is certainly getting shape...my legs are slowlyyyyyyyyyyyyyy getting smaller...nearly every week i notice something new...whether its feeling new bones...change in shape or whatever its all changing...now more then it has previously that in itself is motivating...i would be insane after getting this close to goal to ever give up....the other thing is....to give up would be a huge lifestyle change for me. Its not just about the food...sure i could eat KFC every night but do i really want a lifestyle where i go to work come home and sit in front of the tv eating crap food??? I dont want food to be the highlight of my day like it once was...what i do want is to go to the gym....and despite my grumblings walk out of there feeling happy, accomplished and knowing its another step closer to where i want to be :)


Natalie said...

What a fantastic post Kazz. Your attitude shows real maturity and self knowledge.

I didn't have a great Easter, but kept up the exercise every day and discovered that its the lack of routine on holidays that is a problem for me, so I'll plan for the next one. My bad eating was limited to 2 days, not back on a binge like it would have been before.

I think that self knowledge is what we need to put alongside the desire to succeed. You're definitely demonstrating it!

Tania said...

Kazz, there's an old saying that simply states to achieve success at something, find someone who has succeeded and copy what they do! That's why I asked this question! I look at the 10kgs i've lost since rejoining WW last July and i'm happy about it because I know if I didn't join I would have gained 10kgs in that time.

The statistics of less than 5% of people losing a lot of weight and keeping it off are scary, that's why what you have achieved is such a big deal. You motivate yourself every day to go to the gym even when you don't feel like it. When bad habits creep in you take control and stop them before they get out of hand.

Those things are a credit to you. I too agree that when you're on track with the gym and accountable to your trainer it makes the world of difference with the food etc - so i'm going to take a leaf out of your book and make my visits "non-negotiable" - why? Because I want to be as successful as you are!

JustJo said...

AWESOME! Just awesome :)

Maggie said...

LOVE this post. It's exactly what I needed to read today!