Saturday, April 23, 2011

Well i havent posted for a bit. Its been a busy emotional week which involved emotional eating! oops!! I knew i was meeting mum for lunch on thursday (hadnt seen her since january) which always stresses me...and lo and behold the 3 days before i went a lil bit insane on the food side of things :( Anyway met mum for lunch on thursday so thats all done and dealt with.

After 6 days without gymming it felt "foreign" to be back in the gym. But all went well. Firstly i weighed in and gained 2.9 kilos - oops!!! I have tried to just get back on track the last few days...not counting calories just putting better food in my gob and im down 1.3 kilos :) Monday i will start tracking the calories again.

Tuesday i am heading back to the gym...(has been closed most of easter) ill be doing a fat burner class and body balance which should be good :)

I just ordered last week the two Jillian books i dont is called unlimited and the other is called "making the cut" im mostly interested in making the cut as her plan in that book is what i will start to follow when i hit about 83 kilos (about 13 kilos from where i am now) and will involve changing my calorie intake quite a bit...i have a idea on how she thinks you should do that last 5-7 kilos...and im excited knowing i have a new plan for that side of things. Only 13 or so kilos to go and i can move onto that phase :)

Not really much else to say...hope everyone is having a good easter!!!!

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