Friday, April 08, 2011


I am thinking its time for some reassessment. As much as people think i shouldnt have my scales at some ways they are a help. Being a daily weigher over the last week i have noticed 2 things....the first is eating 1200 calories a day without exercise does not mean the scales will budge (and often fluctuate) but the days i am noticing the scales move are the big exercise days. Whether im eating 1200...1600 or 1800 seems to be if i burn at least 800 calories that day i see a move on the scales in the right direction to some degree. Now im pretty educated on nutrition and i eat rather well....Amy when she looked at my food diary agreed i eat "very well rounded" so i think nutrition wise at this stage everything is fine. The calorie cycling seems to work. What i think needs to alter is the exercise. My PT sessions I think are just what i need for this stage...a lot of *ghastly* cardio with one weights session...altho the thought of throwing in a boxing session once a fortnight just to break things up is in the back of my mind. And i gym it 4 days a week currently...3 days per week i go pretty hard core....tuesday nite is weigh in nite and i tend to be a lil slack there. I think at this stage what I need to do is increase my exercise, and what I think I need to do is 5 nights a week the weeks i work on the weekends...the weeks i dont do 6 days a week. Now i printed up michelle bridges intermediate exercise program today and im gonna do the same next week for the advanced and the lean and strong one. I think what I do on mondays, thursdays and saturdays currently works (altho i noticed this week she set a mini triathlon mite even try that tomorrow!) But i am thinking tuesday, wednesdays and fridays i need to go in too...there is 3 cardio plans that i could follow on those days. I could just start from her beginners program...which does include a "learn to run" program and i could work thru to the advanced program. Which would give me some quite precise stuff to do...there is weights in it as well...but i could leave that for later. Maybe if i can do this...and hit over 4000 calories burnt per week or losses mite get moving...cos whilst this week is a good loss...the scales have barely moved this week (in fact they were 93.9 tuesday morning and 94.1 this morning :( ) It gets quite demoralising...i know im healthier...fitter etc....but when i think its taken nearly friggin 5 years....a awful lot of money....a awful lot of time at the gym... a awful lot of scrummy food i have avoided and got out of my system....yet still im in size 18-20 trousers. Was thinking of splurging on some exercise pants from Lorna Jane....but the pants i wanted only went up to a large size...and even size XL i wouldnt friggin fit into !! I know my hips and that are shrinking...but it seriously pisses me off..its like a never ending trip...75 kilos and i still cant fit into pants from a normal store....add to that several friendships have altered....which i dont know but do feel may be related to my weight....its just frustrating as hell. Cos when i reread my very first post on this journal "i wanted back my life" and in a lot of ways i am no closer to it now then i was 5 years ago...except i weigh less...anyway enuff rambling....have a good weekend all!

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