Monday, April 11, 2011


Well...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my journal....5 years ago today i started it :)

Struggling with the whole weight loss thing...appears im gonna have a small gain again this week (500 grams) im a lil over 1 week having a big loss then 3-4 weeks of small fluctuations...maybe its a plateau...i dont really know...when i jumped on the scales tomorrow if i weigh 94 kilos or more im not going to my weigh in....and going to take that as a sign of no more weighing in at the gym. Im not overly worried about that....only thing that is honestly stopping me at this stage is that it is handy having someone measure me....also i like knowing the body the aim is to get under 25% body fat. Today is a low calorie day...1200 calories...and im gonna work my ass of at the gym tonite in hope i may be able to pull out a tiny loss (id be so friggin happy with a 100 gram loss! lol) So tonite...its cardio sculpt class...then 20 minutes of interval running....then body combat class...then a double PT session...fingers crossed it leads to a loss! I really am thinking...1200 calories per day and 5-6 days of exercise burning at least 500 calories per day (i always do 3 days 800 calories or more which i could hopefully get up to 4000 calories burnt for the week...this weeks calorie burn was only 3077 if i did add another 1-2 days per week...i could hit 4000 calories burnt.

So thats the plan at this rate....we will see what happens...have a good day all!

I wrote this post....then went and read one of my fave blogs "bitchcakes" and saw her ormal weekly post "things i accomplished this week" and then walked away...but as i walked i got thinking about how cool it is she does that each week...shes at goal....but she is still working towards things each week. So maybe thats what i need to do...i dont know how really to take the focus of the scales its something i have always struggle with but i might start doing just one post per week "great moments of the week" or something...and especially with the fitness stuff put more about what i am ACCOMPLISHING.


Natalie said...

Thats a good idea Kazz. I read Bitchcakes too, and find her very inspiring. As you get closer and closer to goal, its a good idea to switch your focus away from the scales and toward growth and/or reflection, be that physical, spiritual or whatever!

Natalie said...

What a pile of waffle. I most clearly didn't communicate what I wanted to, and have run out of time. Off to the shower after guerilla cardio!!

Pinky said...

Happy Anniversary - and I also read Ms Bitchcakes - she rocks - I love her style and find her very inspiring - as well as you!
Keep up the great work