Friday, April 15, 2011

I think I need to really put a plan in action for this running thing if i am ever gonna do it. I have downloaded the C25k program more times then i can count....i do a few sessions then dont seem to make it back to it. Maybe i just need to pick a speed on the say 3 minutes...(dunno if i can even last 3 minutes) then the next session do 4 minutes...then 5 minutes etc. The whole thought of just getting outside and running without feeling like i am going to have a heart attack is so enticing...but i guess im stuck on getting from the cant run to being a runner stage...the gym had a running group...i should have done that :(

Went shopping for gym clothes today....two tops...two pants...all size 16 so YAY :) I also had been listening to Jillians radio show earlier in the week and she was talking about to help the hormones balance out use only products (beauty etc) that you put on your skin that are chemical free. So threw out my shampoo, conditioner, deoderant and soap today. I bought some goats milk soap and shampoo, conditioner and deoderant by sukin. Had a shower earlier and washed my hair...all was a success :)

This morning i was at the gym BRIGHT and early...7am in fact!!! Holy crap!!! lol did body combat and 10 mins on the 500 calories burnt in a hour so YAY me.

My long service leave has been bought forward....first day is now may 30 cannot wait to spend all that time dedicated to my weight loss :) Ok off i go ... enjoy all!

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