Wednesday, April 06, 2011

One happy chick still!

I am still a bit stunned about last nights weigh in. I did expect a loss of 700 grams as thats what my scales had shown since saturday and I knew i only had 1.7 kilos to lose to get to the 75 kilos but still rather stunned! I think the best part is not that I have lost 75 kilos but that I have under 20 kilos to lose. That seems amazing but must admit it gets me thinking that i cant imagine losing 20 kilos will be enough. To me i think i still need to lose another 30 kilos. Whilst i know some will think i am insane the photos i have uploaded are me in tight me the suck everything in and make me look slimmer then i really am.

Jaimee said something the other day that got me thinking...she was like i know when you get to will just set a new goal....and the possibility is i could be at goal by the end of the year (OMG!) but i think i need to seriously consider what happens then. This weight loss journey has been everything for the last practically 5 years....and to ensure I stay at goal i wanna make sure i dont get to goal and think "is that it?" i wanna get to goal and think ok next thing i wanna work on in life is.........................

No idea whar the hell the blank will be that will fill it in....apart from the obvious PT course...but i think just aimlessly going to the gym ill get bored....ill need to have a "physical" side of things to work towards at that point (which is still a while away). I wish i had got into running better cos then it would be like...working towards some awesome running thing...but i have serious doubts ill ever truly be a runner. I know pretty much im at goal i can do whatever i want...whether its tavel...exercise....whatever....its prolly more that i wont know what i want! lol

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Jane said...

Hi Kazz,

Amazing, awesome, sensational, fantastic, brilliant - I think that sums it up - 75 kilos gone FOREVER - you are truly an amazing woman!!!

I totally understand what you mean about wanting to have another goal when you get to goal. It isn't too late for running!! Maybe you could work on it a little more this year on your way to your goal weight and then focus on running a half marathon sometime next year. I know 2012 seems like ages away, but maybe that's just the focus you need to keep it interesting for you.

Congratulations Kazz, you must be sooooo proud of yourself.

P.S. you look amazing and really, really happy xx