Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weighed in tonite.....my body fat stayed exactly the same as last week....so 40.5% and i lost 100 grams...must admit i was disappointed....i was hoping for 600 grams...but considering i went away over the weekend...have a cold and am taking codral and in the midst of TOM i cant really complain i guess.

Gymmed it tonite...did a orbit (fitball) class and 30 minutes cardio. Tomorrow nite im doing kickbox...body attack...body balance.

Im still battling this bloody sore throat...im sure yapping at work isnt helping it! plus im just exhausted :( was in bed at 9.15pm last nite (and asleep) and up at 5.45am...i have thursday and friday off....with thursday having a sleep in .... so at least i can catch up a bit in a day or two. Not much else going on.....have a good nite all!

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