Thursday, February 24, 2011

Well i am very keen for weigh in tuesday nite! My pants are getting much looser...i even tried on a pair of size 18 katies jeans today (skinny leg jeans!) and they did up!!! They are too tight to wear out but there wasnt even a chance of zipping them up previously.

Gymmed it last nite...did a kick boxing class....body attack and 30 minutes on the treadmill. Then today i did a double PT session. As part of the foxy challenge had to see how many situps u can do in 60 seconds....i managed 34...which JUST scraped me into the "excellent" category for my age group....woo hoo! We did some weights/VipR stuff and climbed the bloomin stairs. While fiona was massaging me....nore (my physio) came over and talked to me and fiona about what i can and cant more climbing stairs 2 at a time....or climbing down all 7 flights....just going up one stair at a time....we can now start to jumps...not on to steps just on the ground....ultimately working towards skipping .... not so sure how i feel about that LOL. But its all about getting my alignment fixed so in time i can hopefully do all those things.

I still have this dreaded cold...its not overly bad....just makes me not 100% and more annoying then anything.

Hope everyone has a good day!


Effie said...

Great news on the Katies pants Kazz, well done. It must feel great not having to shop at those "big girl" stores anymore. No more Autograph for me or you!

P.S. Not sure if they have Autograph in Perth, but I am soooo glad I don't have to shop there anymore.

Natalie said...

Wow thats great.... 'normal' sizes is such a big positive!

I hear you on the cold/cough. I'm just coming down with it and it always morphs into a sinus infection with me. YUCK!