Monday, February 21, 2011

My trip to Sydney :)

Well i am home (with a lovely cold) from Sydney and i had a fabulousssssssssssssssssssssssssssss time!!! I went over friday the time i got to my hotel (the flight was delayed 25 minutes) it was got into bed and watched a bit of tv. Saturday morning i was up bright and early...wandered down to circular quay for breakfast....then caught the ferry over to Manly....wandered around there for a hour or two..real nice beach....they have a lil market so went thru there too and stopped in at lots of lil shops as well..was nice and leisurely and then caught the ferry back to circular quay and walked back to my hotel room for a nanna nap! LOL. I met fiona and sarah at 4.30pm...we wandered over to darling harbour for dinner...i was very good here and had lasagne (they had carbonara on the menu but decided to behave myself! lol) we then wandered over to the circular quay (we wont mention the trillion steps fiona managed to fin in the process *rolls eyes*) and then we were there ready to climb the bridge! Your on the bridge for 3.5 hours but the time just flies by! I really enjoyed it. Lots of spots where its quite squeezy....and climbing up vertical ladders and of course lots of stairs....but i really enjoyed it and didnt struggle at all! Magnificent views and of course was done with some awesome company - i had a very fun evening. After the climb we then went to the Lindt Chocolate Shop!! lol...I had a iced chocolate drink - DELICIOUS!!!! And then as we were having our drink fiona pulls out a present for me...i unwrap it and its a tshirt which she had her partner design on it. (The tshirt is the last photo below)...fiona knew for me climbing the bridge was significant...and the tishirt IS significant too....the first line on the tshirt says "i dont like it" (which i consistently say in PT! lol) then it says "but i climbed it anyway, Karyn Colleys Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb 2011" - how awesome is that! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the i have the best trainer or what???? we then headed back to the hotel (since it was midnight!). When i got into bed that nite my lil feet ached....omg i had walked so much....but was such a good day. Sunday morning we met up for some brunch (breakfast burger anyone?) and then we went for a pedicare - another first. Then wandered around a bit more before heading home.

It really was a fab weekend...very active with so much walking....i really wanna do more of these weekends....THIS is what living should be really like!

Today i went to the gym....double PT....i felt like a big ball of crap....with this cold but still did it. I did a fitness test as part of the foxy challenge....had to step up and down on a step for 3 minutes....then 1 minute later had to check my heart rate....well i scored "above average" hehe :) This arvo i am off to the gym again...not to work out tho just for a physio appointment....hopefully she says i can start walking on inclines again and maybe even jumping again...we will see what happens.

have a fab week all!

PS below is some pics from the climb as well as a photo of THE tshirt


Trish said...

Hi Karen

I have done the climb twice (once with Tardie / Nat) and once with my family.

Glad you liked it - it is truly a once in a lifetime experience


zanyzana said...

What a great weekend. And you're so right, these sorts of experiences really are what life is all about. How fantastic that your fitness enabled you to enjoy the whole experience and not struggle with the climbing. Woohoo!

Lourdes said...

I would love to do that climb although I cried when I tried to walk across the George Washington Bridge in New York City. The fact that I felt the bridge moved freaked me out!

I love that you did it in the evening and had such pretty pictures. I watched the Oprah show a few weeks ago and seeing you makes me want to go do it too!

Hippygal said...

Awesome stuff, man that weekend came along quick, oh and love the T :-)

Kase said...

So pleased to have you back posting - I've always really enjoyed your blog and found it so inspirational. Congrats on the big climb - your weekend sounds absolutely amazing :D