Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Im backkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

I decided to come back and post here it seemed wrong posting on the other journal :)

Last week wasnt a great week in relation to weight loss. The first 4 days i was on a tim tam/chocolate/sausage roll fiesta....but i pulled my finger out on friday and altho I didnt count calories i just cut out all that crap food ;) Anyway weighed in last now using the gyms scales and obviously weighing in clothes (my scales are in ryans drawers at work to see how i go with no daily weighing) and 2 weeks ago when i weighed in on their scales i was 102.5 kilos. The good news is my body fat is the lowest its ever been at 40.5%. When i started at the gym it was around 58% so only 0.6% and i will be under 40% YAY!!! The measurements went really well too...had been 3 weeks since i was last measured....i lost 10 centimetres....5 of those centimetres of my thats all a step in the right direction.

Monday nite i burnt 1600 calories...did PT session of "killer cardio" then body combat, body jam and then walked home from the gym (70 minute walk)...last nite i did a orbit class and a RPM class and walked home from the gym again :) Tonite will be a lighter nite...30 minute kickbox class...30 minutes on the treadmill and then will walk should be home by 6.30pm which seems positively early! LOL

The trip to sydney is coming up very quickly! TWO SLEEPS!! I cant wait...a 3 day weekend plus getting away...a real break from EVERYTHING!

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Pinky said...

Welcome Back - Have a blast in Sydney! - I am off to Queenstown this weekend with my bestie and have decided to bungy jump! - EEK - so out of my comfort zone!
But If i can do this I can do anything!