Tuesday, December 07, 2010

wow its been days since i updated! Firstly a few things...i feel the best tonight i have for agessssssssssssssss! I havent taken my antidepressents for over a year (doctor knew) he agreed my exercise was helping to keep it under control...anyway for some reason its flared up lately...so i have made a appointment on friday morning to see the doc.

Saturday I worked. Sunday I caught up with Martine, Jo, Sharon and dee for lunch at the markets. Was a yummy lunch and good company :) I then went to the drinks thing that fiona and sarah (from the gym) were putting on...heres a couple of pics from it....
me with another client (sorry i forgot her name)

me and fiona (I got caught in the rain so is why it looks like I spilled crap on my top!)

Me and sarah

Anyone who reads my journal knows who fiona is (satan!)...sarah is another trainer at the gym and i do her RPM class most weeks. I of course felt like a dork at this drinks thing...but yanno i did it...i survived it lol

Today I got a phone call from my dental surgery...was suppose to go to the dentist on the 20th but my dentist was in a car accident on the weekend and so wont be working until at least january 10...so they managed to squeeze me in with his partner (who is actually the dentist i had as a teen) for monday...i have had a sore tooth since i had the surgery (yes that long!) im so excited to think this time next week it will hopefully be fixed LOL

Just over 2 weeks now till i go to streaky bay...i think whilst there i mite get up early each morning and walk down to the beach...i am so determined NOT to put on over xmas!!

I have a 3 day weekend this weekend YAY cannot wait. I dont have much on either so friday ill go to the docs and ill go to my fave lil second hand store. And then ill just get this house organised! Saturday will be the gym...some xmas shopping and then i mite even go dress shopping! I have a 40th on the 17th to go to as well as a family function on the 19th so i think a new outfit is called for. So mite go looking at dresses on saturday arvo..sunday no plans at this stage! Then monday i am only working 5 hours as i have the dentist appointment.

My friend who was in hospital came back to work today! He is doing really good...got a big kiss from me lol. He is walking with a walking stick but looks really good. So am really looking forward to his 40th!

Not much else going on...have a good nite all!

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