Wednesday, December 08, 2010

My scales are being very cheeky lil buggers! Twice in the last week i have managed to get down to 104.8....and then the following day back up to over 105 kilos grrrrrrrrrrrrr...yesterday 104.8 and today 105.8. Ive been on track...not the end of the world...but geeeeeeez they need to co-operate a lil more.

Just made a appointment for my hair on friday. Im tryng to grow it out but its looking rather will get it trimmed so it can grow a bit neater and a colour put thru...prolly more a lighter brown.

Tomorrow is my last day for the week YAY!!! So cannot wait for this 3 day weekend.

Have been a bit slack gym wise this week. Im working till 5pm this i cant make any evening classes (well i could body balance tonite if i really wanted)...monday i climbed the 7 flights of stais...25 minutes on the treadmill and a PT session of weights...tuesday i didnt go in cos of the weather...i normally dont go in on wednesdays LOL. Thursday nite ill do PT and the stairs and a lil bit on the treadmill prolly....friday i cant get to the gym during the day due to the doctor and hair appointments...I could go in friday morning for a 7am body combat class...but really i dont think its likely LOL. Maybe im starting to wind down lol. My gym membership is on deferral from 19/12/10 to 3/1/10 so not that more many days of the gym for the year...then time to rev up for the brand new year!

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