Thursday, December 09, 2010

The scales went up another 400 grams this morning. No idea why. I certainly havent exercised as much this week but my food has been fine. Im trying not to stress...the scales say 106.2 hoping to be under 105 kilos when i return to the gym on january 4 so its still doable...but i have been fine with my eating the only thing i can conclude is not enough variety. So will focus on that and the next few days i will ensure i dont eat any of my weekly points (ive only used 10 of them)

I just checked my payslip and forgot to put in my weekend work! ARGH! Not really the end of the world but duh me!! In some ways it kinda feels means the pay i get the day before xmas day will have annual leave loading, plus a sunday and two saturdays (so a BIG pay) and then as i am at streaky ill hardly spend any hehe!! So when i return on December 29... post xmas sales here i come!!!! Perfect time to get restocked with clothes especially gym wear.

Only another 3.5 hours and i am on a 3 day weekend!! Weeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

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