Friday, December 10, 2010

I have had a fabulous day! Firstly the scales dropped 1.5 kilos over night...holy crap how did that happen? LOL so i was 104.7 kilos this morning. I then went to the sitting there waiting for him to come and call my name...he walks out walks straight past me and calls out my like..."im here" hehe he looks at me and goes "omg i didnt recognise have really lost a lot of weight now" I then told him that i was after a referral for a dietician who specialises in PCOS...he told me we can use obesity to put u on a care plan so we can get you to see a dietician of ur choice at a minimal or free cost...YAY!!! Then i told him my depression has reared its head again...i told him i dont really wanna go on the hes going to put me on a health plan for that too! So i will hopefully get approved So that was all a very big yay!!

Then i went op shopping...a picked up a size 16 wrap around dress...thought ill take time it mite fit me...lo and behold it fits! And it looks not too bad on me too. I picked up a couple of other tops and then also picked up a size 12 top for wearing over tank tops etc...and it FITS...holy moly hehe so a very very good day!!!

Ok off i go...enjoy all!

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