Sunday, December 19, 2010

Well today was not a good day foodwise! (This journal seems to be having a theme of this of late!) But it was a really good day...i always dread "family" days....specifically with the step family members but i really enjoyed today despite the freezing was barbeque with cold roast chicken...salads...and then this cake was "chocolate indulgent" and out of the fifty thousand cans of soft drink i managed to scrounge up only one to drink that was diet UGH

But it was a good day...lots of cuddles from miss sister told me master 8 wants me to play tennis at the tennis courts wtih him when im at streaky. Then tonite me, my sister and master 10 went to the movies to see harry potter. I have never seen any of the harry potter movies...i really enjoyed it and now need to see all the other movies! Tomorrow nite off to mums to swap xmas presents since we wont be here xmas day and my sister goes home the next day.

So a great weekend...must admit it was nice being out with people...maybe socialising a bit more could be good for me!

Despite my bad eating...back on track tomorrow. I always knew today would be a tricky one.

And with that its after 11pm...WAY past my bedtime lol have a good monday all!

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