Saturday, December 18, 2010

Well no more gym for the rest of the year! So i am now officially on vacation. This time of year is such a wacky time...and i must admit every year the head space alters...really i just one january 1 here so i can get on with things.

Ive noticed lately its getting much, much harder to burn a decent number of calories. Previously i could burn 3000 calories easily and would sometimes get up to 5000 calories. Now obviously i havent been running on the treadmill much with my achilles injury...but to be honest i havent been doing much running for 3-4 months so thats not it (altho of course running could easily bring it up if i knew it wasnt gonna cause my foot issues) I know its simply gonna be a case that i am simply going to have to go harder in the classes. I know when i started doing classes i would pace myself cos i was worried of getting 10 minutes in the class and not being able to finish it ... i dont think thats a issue now. I think in pump i really need to focus on increasing the weights regularly...using the resistance more in the cycle classes (and ensuring i do at least 2 cycle classes per week)..and of course going hard in the body combat classes...even if i cant go hard in the jumping area for this class...but i can always go harder in the upper body components.

Boxing fiona has already ramped up the intensity...but i mite have to watch the calories burnt with that...its hard to get the intensity up when u arent allowed to jump etc...we have been doing the stair climbing a lot lately tho and that definitely gets my calorie burn up. And i am really going to have to focus on doing them every time i go to the gym.

Based on my calorie burn over the last only burning 357 calories per day with exercise...that with my current weight and the fact im about to turn a year older! LOL to lose a kilo a week...i need to average 1310 calories per gonna have to get much smarter with my eating...but this is no great surprise (altho i expected it to be around 1400 calories) as i did discuss with eve this week that i need to fine tune more diet more as i lose these last 30 kilos. So initially in the new year ill do 1310 calories...of course once i do see this PCOS dietician she may alter the plan somewhat.

Last nite i had a 40th party to go to (my friend who was in hospital) anyway the party was a fab nite...he is doing really well...still walking with a walking stick but seems to be improving everytime i see him. When i walked in he said to me "megan is so excited to see you" so i went and found megan...she was my old manager and we became friends...but i havent seen her for about 3 years (she left the compant) anyway i went up to her and was like "hi" and she looked at me blankly for a minute and then realised it was me ! LOL she was like omg you dont even look the same i didnt recognise you...she then told me i am half the size i recently was! so that was ace. I didnt think i looked to bad on the nite either!! Food wise there was nibbly food but i was pretty good...they had this frittata which was to die for at one point they kept bringing out salt & pepper squid...chicken and prawn spring rolls...i dont like i was whining saying nothing for me to eat lol well one of my friends disappears...i went to the toilet and come back...and hes returned and is like "princess come here i got you something you will like" he had bought a wedge of gourmet cheese and crackers! LOL which were never had these crackers before...will have to find them and give them a whirl....cos they only had 1 gram of sugar! Anyway here is a pic from last nite:

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