Friday, December 17, 2010

I really have not been very good the last few days...why cant i just wake up tomorrow and its January 1? lol

I am hoping its just me being is my last day of work...bliss...tonite i have a 40th party to go too...tomorrow gym in the morning...over to see mum and my sis and kids in the afternoon. Foodwise im gonna make good decisions from the moment i wake tomorrow. (today ive been fine and i wont drink tonite...hopefully theres not too much nibbly food at it) Sunday morning i am going to be super healthy...walk into the city and around part of the torrens. Sunday afternoon we have a family reunion (i am planning to have a piece of cake at this tho!). Then the next 3 days should be pretty quiet and relaxing...then thursday i fly out to streaky. The good thing is theres no junk food at sister eats gonna try and be active...and hopefully it all works good. Xmas gonna eat good with one slice of christmas pudding. I get back to Adelaide on the 29th...30th is my birthday and will prolly go out to lunch on the day but will prolly pop into the gym that nite (i know theres a class on but as its a christmas timetable will just have to figure that out) then its just the 31st then WOOO HOOO its january 1!

My plan is bed by 10pm sunday night to thursday nite. I wanna be up at 6am monday - friday this coming year...and take advantage of that morning time before i have to go get ready for work. In January i am planning to do jillians 30 day shred to boost things along...and i think will go back to calories with 1500 calories per day with calorie cycling (that always seemed to work best for me) Yesterday i reformatted my computer got all the chat crap on it...ive decided theres a choice to be made...goal this year or thats the sacrifice! I also want to every sunday i am off walk into the city and walk around the torrens. I need to live more...and these are all steps to doing it along with getting this weight loss going.

Not too much else going on...4 hours of work left and wooo hooo im free! Bring that on!!!

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