Thursday, December 23, 2010

Safe and Sound

What an eventful day! I arrived safe and sound. My flight really was a breeze...fitting in the seat wasnt a issue...the seatbelt had about 15 centimetres free...and i can pull the lil table to eat on down with no worries. Its like a huge weight has been lifted off me....a new thing i can now do...aeroplanes are doable! Once i got here we then drove around for a bit...came home...had some lunch and then i headed out for a walk! I will take some photos of my walk over the next few days...i didnt pass one person while walking the ipod was on...i was singing LOL its VERY rural here no one can hear you for miles. Not long after i got home i realised i was a lil sunburnt...okay tonight i realise im a LOT sunburnt ! LOL...i will try and get some photos tomorrow lol. Its been a fun day miss 6 has kept me very busy with connect 4...cuddles...and wanting to play limbo (omg how hard is that!!) But a good day had by all...i was under 1800 calories today so another good thing. AND i am seriously contemplating doing michelle bridges 12 awesome would it be to make a trip to sydney to train with her?

Anyway thats all for today,,,,enjoy xmas eve tomorrow!

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Hippygal said...

Glad you arrived safe and sound, and have a fantastic Christmas and wonderful holiday :-)