Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Well im all packed and kinda chitting myself!!! I get like this everytime im going to be away from home (even when i went into hospital for a few days) i think its cos i get nervous being away from my comfort security blanket of my lil house. My stomach feels like a hard rock...and its 10.25pm and i have to be up at 5.15am. Hopefully my luggage is all underweight and ill have to pay no excess baggage charges. Hopefully i fit in the seat okay...i dont expect there to be a pile of room in them...just so my body doesnt affect the people next to me i will be okay. Its going to be (hopefully a week of "i havent done that for a trillion years"...flying in a aeroplane...going to the beach...going swimming at the beach...playing tennis. I think this feeling i have...this stomach that feels like a just cos im stepping outside my comfort zone. Altho im sure in a weeks time...i will be saying "what a fab holiday i have had"

My Jackie Warner book didnt arrive...bit disappointed about that...but oh well...will be here for me when i get back.

I was thinking yesterday...august 6 2011 will be 5 years since i started at ww...will be 5 years on this healthy lifestyle...think i mite have to organise a big nite for that...a lot of people can never say regardless what weight...(at goal or not) it will still be a big deal.

I will have my laptop with will update while away...and even am planning to track my food and taking my heart rate monitor.

Ok wish me luck for tomorrow!!!


Natalie said...

Kazz, You are 10 kg lighter than I was when I flew to the Gold Coast in September. I fitted fine.... so will you!

Have a great holiday.

Effie said...

Hi Kazz,

Good luck Kazz, but I am sure you will be fine. Have a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous holiday.