Saturday, December 25, 2010

Its christmas time!!

Yesterday i went to the beach! YES! really! We went down around dinner time...went for a have to paddle so far out to get even to knee high water prolly end up walk at least a half a kilometre before you get to the water at a decent depth. It was so relaxing. Floating around out there. I prolly havent swam at a beach since i was about 25 and i really loved it. I hadnt eaten a lot that day (in fact just toast for breakfast, a sandwich at lunch and a freddo frog) so when my sister suggested fish n chips for dinner at the beach i was all for that lol. Then after dinner we went back in for another swim. We then came home...showered and sat down and watched the carols on tv...was a real nice evening.

This morning of course was xmas morning...the kids had their alarm set for 6.30am!! lol. So they were up early opening presents. Currently they are sitting quietly playing with their toys...and we have the movie 2012 on. I too got some nice presents! I got some money...a real pretty photo frame with "princes" on it...a card game...this set of lil lip glosses in the shape of cupcakes...and i also got some measuring cups that are like the old fashion russian dolls that sit in side of each other. After lunch today we are heading back down to the beach :) The kids got a they got flippers and snorkel etc so they will need to test them out !

I am thinking when i get back to adelaide ill buy a and myer both have them in their catalogue...reduced down to $99 and i think focussing on getting more vegies in me would be a good thing! And since i hate eating a lot of them....drinking them may be the way to go. I also wanna get a blender to make smoothies. And also some clothes at discounted price would be good!

Enjoy your xmas all!


Weltschmerz said...

Merry Christmas! I've been reading your blog for years but never commented. Just wanted to let you know your constant drive for change and improvement is inspirational.

Euphie said...

Hey, I got the Russian doll measuring cups too. Also the measuring spoon set and two tea towels with the little dolls on them.

They are pretty cool.