Sunday, December 26, 2010

How is everyone going now xmas is over? I am at my sisters till wednesday morning...hard to be completely on track when not in control of your environment. But i dont think i have done too badly. This morning i did another 5.7km everyday since ive been here i have either walked or swam. I think getting thru xmas without a gain is a bit dream like (specially since i still have my birthday to get thru!) but if the gain is only 2-3 kilos id be very happy. At the beginning of december i was fluctuating between really hoping by the time i weigh myself once i get home im no more then 107.9 kilos at the most (with luck i will be lower)

I have 2 more full days here. Then home...i am having a total break here and loving that...but like the hermit i am it will be nice getting to the quiet of my lil house ;) Of course the next part of the year is the end of year sales. I am looking at buying a juicer...and also stock up on some clothes. Last year i bought most of my gym gear at the end of year sale at katies...hopefully the same thing happens again...and since they have 50% off ill hopefully buy that dress i tried on a few weeks ago!

Not much else going on...just starting to get my head in the right place for the start of 2011!!!!

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