Thursday, December 02, 2010

Its quite funny how things are changing....kinda reverting back....

When i was a of the compliments i heard more then anything was "beautiful smile" i havent heard compliments about my smile for years...i look back at photos of my as a kid and i really was a good looking kid (modest much??? lol) anyway ever since i have put the last photos that Gae took...i have had so many compliments...on here ... facebook ...friends ...ww forum and the common thread is "great smile" to the point i am now starting to think "hey maybe these people are right!" For most of my adult life ive thought my only good feature is my cleavage...and trust me ive playing it up...i know realise its smallish waist is definitely one of my better features and now i am even starting to think my smile. Which is bizarre...i hate my face...i hate looking at it in the the gym i wont look at myself...if fiona asks me where i wanna stand its always so im not facing the im starting to think maybe im not a monster when i look in the mirror. And more and more when i look in the mirror im seeing the face i had as a kid (altho with more wrinkles! lol) which is

This morning my scales said 105.1 kilos!!! OMG i am so hoping to drop another 300 grams this week...that would put me at under 5 kilos to double digits (OMG A-MAZ-ING!!!!)...having lost 30 kilos since January 1 and as of this morning by my scales i have 28.1 kilos to lose to get to the healthy weight range!!! Hehehe!!! I am starting to believe I will make it people !!!

Tonite off to the gym...hopefully i will get there in time for a 45 minute body pump class...then a 45 minute RPM class....then PT session of weights THEN ill walk home...will be the third time this week ive walked home and its quite a nice walk in the evening (does take around 75 minutes)

Not much else going on! Have a good day all!!

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