Saturday, November 06, 2010

WOW today was one tiring day!!! I of course gymmed it this morning...firstly i did a pT session on the cardio equipment (only second time ive ever done one of these sessions - can u tell how much i dont like the cardio equipment? LOL) We (as in I!) did the cross trainer...with different focusing on pushing then pulling on the handlebars...legs only etcetc with different speeds on the xtrainer...then on the rower it was 2 hand grips with focusing on power or speed. Bloody exhausting! Then I went in and did body pump which was for 60 minutes...then 60 minutes of body i was one happy gal when the relaxation part of body balance came along...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

I seriously did not do too much else for the rest of the day...i was friggin exhausted....but im sure if i do it a few weeks in a row ill get use to it LOL

The scales were very nice to me this morning...106.4 kilos so just 500 grams off 65 kilos....would be lovely to drop down to that elusive 105.9 tomorrow morning but i think that is expecting too much LOL

Tomorrow i am working...i have to work 6 days this week...the only good thing is i finish at 3.30pm each its a great week for getting to all the classes at the gym this week :)

When i was in body pump today i did glimpse in the mirror....and really my top half is becoming very noticable to me that its getting much smaller...i will always have the boobage going on lol but my frame is certainly getting much just for the hips, stomachs and thighs to follow!!

Not much else to i go...enjoy ur saturday nite!!!

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Effie said...

Kazz, you are amazing. Your gym timetable is inspiring. You will be under 100 very soon.

How is your friend in hospital going?? Hope all is OK there.