Friday, November 05, 2010

I had some bad news today. Wednesday i found out a good friend of mine was in hospital with something called gillies-[fill in blank i forget the other word in the name lol] Anyway...wednesday i was told things were looking bad...that he couldn't walk and they were about to give him a blood transfusion and were looking at putting him in intensive care :( the transfusion helped and he seemed on the improve...i was planning to visit him this morning after the gym...but unfortunately ryan called me whilst at the gym to let me know he had a bad nite and they are doing another blood transfusion today...hopefully this one will get him back on the road to recovery. Really shows you how you shouldnt abuse good health tho...hes the same age as me...healthy...goes to the gym...the good news is his good health is prolly what is helping him (people have died from this condition) Fingers crossed over the next few days i get some better news about him.

Gymmed it today...was friggin torture lol ... one hour of boxing... including climbing 11 flights of stairs (not all at once) but taking it two stairs at a time without holding on to the handrail.. (i was very tempted just to take the lift! LOL) plus jumping (yuck) and running...seriously thought i was gonna pass out during it LOL but now its done im glad fiona decided to bust my ass today ;)

Went op shopping...went to this lil store that always seems to get some good clothes...bought 3 tops and one skirt all for $17...BONUS!! One of the tops is a millers size 14 and it FITS me !!!

Tomorrow...gonna do a trial run of PT session of cardio...60 minutes body pump and 60 minutes body balance...ill be one tired girl tomorrow afternoon!!

Okies thats it...enjoy your day!


Christina said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend, I'll be thinking about you the next few days and hope you have some good news to share.

Kind of awesome that you were still able to get to gym, despite the bad news. 11 flights of stairs--I'm tired just thinking about it!

To Band or not To Band? said...

maybe guillaume - baume? If it is, then the candid bandit went through it with her ex, and he, after a lot of time, came out ok. Thinking of you though xox

kazz said...

Yep thats it i think...he posted on FB yesterday and he sounded chirpier and more positive...i should get a update tomorrow so fingers crossed!