Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Oh i have been slack of late :(

My friend in hospital is improving...his partner sent me a email today that he is in hospital for 8 more days then will spend 2-3 weeks in a rehabilitation hospital to work on his motor skills...at this point he cant walk but they believe they will resolve this. He is very perky and in fact sent out invites to his 40th overnight! LOL

The scales were lovely to me this morning :) I lost another 1.1 kilos this week taking my total loss to 65.3 kilos so i am now 105.6 kilos (omg how tiny do those numbers sound???!!!) I feel very confident that xmas day i will be under 100 kilos.

Gymmed it last nite...actually tried pushups on my toes...i managed 7 i think...altho its in dispute whether they were actual pushups or not...fiona says they were altho not deep and my butt was doing its own wonky thing...i say i was barely moving LOL so will wait and see how they go with time.

Tonite im off to do the cycle class and be weighed and measured...ive had a sore tooth the last few days (will get it looked at when i get some weekdays off) which has made it hard to get much water in...but i saw my doc yesterday and he gave me some panadeine forte to tide me over till i get into the dentist and am actually getting the water in today....tonite will also get measurements done.

Not much else going on...have a good day all

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Natalie said...

When I started reading your blog, you were 30 kg heavier than me. You're now 10 kg lighter. How do you like them numbers huh? :-)