Thursday, November 18, 2010

Well saw my dietician today....the damn scales were up at 109.8 kilos (her scales pare always higher then mine) which was a gain of 2 kilos. Suck it up princess! Time for a refocus and enjoying this journey. i told her everything prolly more then ive put on here...the main thing about how ive been avoiding certain food groups and not eating enough. So i am at 1800 calories...i want to either stay the same next week or a small loss!

Then had a PT session with fiona. Was the alternative weight program. All good heading back to the gym in a few hours for body pump and RPM. Then tomorrow morning double PT session of boxing (gawd help me) fiona i think loves these sessions...runs me ragged... of course even if i dont agree at the time...all good for me...they are definitely real hard cardio sessions for me.

Bought lots of fruit today...bananas, apples, pears, to get it all into my body!! LOL

Enjoy ur day all!

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Gae (GaeChann) said...

Hello Kazz! I've been following your journey since I started WW in July last year! I've done fairly well during that time but have gained some kilos following too many holidays! I'm presently in Adelaide so would love to catch up if possible before I leave for home next Monday! Best wishes - Gae oxo