Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I havent posted for about 5 days. My head was in a crazy place and i couldnt make much sense of it. I think i have sorted it out in my head....it just comes back to the same thing that always overwhelms me...other peoples expectations. In some ways i wish id never made my journey public...there are some days i hate this journal...hate the fact i update on FB but 90% of the time i know its advantgeous for me and my journey.

I started propoints on sunday! YES! Back doing weight watchers lol after gaining 2 kilos last week...and struggling to get back on track...i have now lost 2.4 kilos :) My body fat has dropped to 41.7% (my goal was to be under 40% by xmas...my super goal is to be under 35% by xmas) i wont get under 35% but under 40% is completely doable. I also lost 4.5 cms over the last two weeks...taking my total loss of centimetres over the last 4 weeks is 12cms. I was very impressed with all that.

Ive started getting a sore calve lately...happened in PT last nite and again tonite in body pump....not sure why...i know my calves are tight (and have been for months and months) and thats related to the planter fastisis....not sure if the heat has got to it more....its been 35 the last 2 days...and ive done relatively big workouts. I am seeing a physio next wednesday so if enough time after she looks at my foot will ask about it.

Oh ive found a fab new show! Combines my two favourite things...lesbians and gyms lol its called "workout" and is fab...and the main girl in the show...well lets just say she could give Jillian a good run for her money (in my opinion)

Okies thats all for tonite...enjoy your wednesday all!

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Karen said...

Hi Kazz - I am so glad that you are ok. Please try not to feel pressured in anyway or feel accountable to others. The only person that you are doing this for is you! I just feel very proud and priviledged to be witness to your incredible journey. Look after yourself - Karen xo