Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Well last nite was not good...i got the worse craving for chocolate and i crumbled, and I might have had some bbq chips as well. It was very strange its prolly 5-6 months since i went over my not stressing im not perfect...but as always with my head there is a teeny worry this is the start of me putting on weight. I know logically thats inaccurate and mostly its prolly related to the fact i overtired myself doing 3.5 hours at the gym monday nite and then being up 5.30am for 3 days (something i only do for 3 days every 7 weeks so its not a habit) so i think a lot of it is just being still tired today...but im off tomorrow. I always get a lot of focus from the even tho im tired i think tonite ill go in and do the RPM just a 45 minute class....tomorrow morning i dont have to be at the gym till 10am so i can sleep in till 8amish (which will seem like a huge sleep in! lol) and if tired i can always nap tomorrow arvo.

I am contemplating telling my dietician i wanna do the slim program. Since my head go so screwy over thinking fruit is bad cos of sugar....dairy is bad cos of saturated kinda thinking seeing as slim is a program that focuses primarily on food groups that it may help to have that focus. I could still track in biggest loser club. So it is a thought. We will see.

Not much else going on....just hurry up 3pm so this working day is over!!


Christina said...

I think *sometimes* we just need to give in to our cravings. I'm glad you're not stressing, you don't need to. It sounds like you need a day to rest! I'm exhausted just reading about your workout schedule. Good for you though, I need to be that dedicated.

Effie said...

Don't worry about the craving or going over, you have been doing a fantastic job and you don't do it often - twice a year is acceptable. I'm like you, when I am tired, I just crave sugar. I wonder why we get like this when we are tired, prob. just feel like we need an energy boost or something. How is your friend in hospital doing??