Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Im very tired today :( Obviously 3.5 hours at the gym and not getting hoem till 8.20pm and then being up at 5.30am was a lil too much for me! lol Oh well i rang the gym spoke to eve and put my weigh in with her off time thursday at 10am. Of course tho i weighed in at home...so....as you will remember i upped my water (as i think i made myself partly dehydrated) so by saturday morning i was up by 2.9 kilos....but the weight had dropped a lil since then and the gain was only 1.3 kilos. For my overall healthy im really not gonna stress about that...suck it up princess!! So puts me at 106.9 kilos...i'd really like to lose another 2 kilos by xmas...means i am not hitting my initial goal by that would put me at a loss of 30 kilos for the year which works for me! That would also leave me with 30 kilos to get to the top of the healthy weight range which will be a good goal for next year. The other thing I am going to TRY and focus on is the next time the scales dont budge for a few days or week is just to try and ride it out and see with time if the scales budge...plateaus are part of this damn weight loss caper i guess and nothing i can do to change that.

Not too much else going on...enjoy ur day all!

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