Monday, November 15, 2010

Well i had a very exciting nite last nite!!! For those who havent heard...JILLIAN MICHAELS commented on one of my photos on FB!! Seriously how freaking cool is that???? Im stoked...still friggin stunned...cos lets face it stuff like that doesnt happen me! hehe

Im also really glad I did the previous post...not only did i get feedback but its made me realise im not a freak! I was sure that my legs were something only i experienced the way they look like they dont belong on my calves so very relieved that im not strange (well not for that reason anyways! lol) I so often think im a weirdo with my issues occurring only to was a kinda nice realisation to realise im not alone.

Gymmed it tonite....did a hour on the treadmill (just slow walking)...followed by a PT session of weights then a 45 minute combat class and 60 minute body jam class....phew....1635 calories burnt! So a good successful day.

Not much else going on...7am start tomorrow so i need a early ni!!!

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Chris H said...

How neat! You deserve the recognition girl.