Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Two Kilos!!!

Well firstly Gae sent thru some pics from sunday nite when Gae, Tina, Martine and myself went out for dinner

Weighed in today...lost TWO KILOS YAY!!! I am down to 105.4 kilos...i am starting to think i can get awfully close to double digits by xmas (i wont actually get there but i think i can get within 2-3 kilos) anyway i was very happy with that loss. Today i gymmed it...did a 30 minute boxing class...followed by a 45 minute body balance class and 30 minutes on the treadmill. I then took off over to the hospital for my post op appointment...not great news there...the result from the surgery isnt as good as was expected...so they are putting me on some medication which should slow down my cycle for 6 months...then on the 7th month i dont take any medication and if my cycle isnt improved then...then i will need to go back and have the surgery done again. Fingers crossed....this bloody medication costs over $100. I then walked home from the gym (75 minute walk) so i was very tired when i got home.

Tomorrow i go see the physio at the gym...i dont expect they will be able to do much for my foot but i'll go...see what she says and what she thinks can be done to improve things.

Not much else going on...off to watch NCIS...then sleep for me...enjoy all!


Karen said...

Wow! Kazz you just look amazing in the photo. You should be so proud of everything that you have achieved. You beautiful smile says it all! Karen

Hippygal said...

Great loss, and bugger about the surgery.... and I bet you were tired from all that exercise.

Chris H said...

HI girls *waving*... ya all look lovely.
Well done on the awesome loss Kazz.

Name: Lynise said...

My goodness, you are an absolute inspiration. You are looking FANTASTIC and hope those 'skinny days' you talked about are a regular occurance as you are just looking so great and with all the hard work you have done you soooo deserve to be having TONS of those 'skinny day' moments.

Name: Lynise said...

Note to self: Use comma's and full stops. (I had left lines in between what I wrote but when it published it put it all together so sounds like one very long garbled sentence. lol)

Euphie said...

Hey, you look great and that's a really good colour on you.