Sunday, November 14, 2010

So firstly thats a couple of pics i took last nite. The black top i am wearing its really hard to do it justice in that pic. I got it at a second hand store and its a susans top (cost me all of $4 lol) and its a very girlie top...i love it...ive always liked necklines like that...and while my arms are still huge...i kinda like my shoulders now...theres not really much fat on them lol

I did op shop some really nice things...even got a laura ashley top...this one op shop i go too has such good things!

Anyway then last nite i went out for dinner...i had damper bread (yum) and duck! lol the duck was delicious i was lil worried what it would do to the scales cos it had soy sauce in it. But i had 2500 calories for the day...and funnily enuff i dropped overnight ;) Not a big drop...only 300 grams but seeing as the few days before hand i had gained each day i was happy to see a change in direction. My water was also close to 2.5 litres for yesterday which i think helped. So whilst yesterday i was really wondering if upping my calories was the right thing to do...i feel much better about that decision today...of course still just guaging it...never know tomorrow morning might put on another 2 kilos LOL

At dinner...the girls asked me two questions...will i be emotional and feel teary when i do get to double digits...and what am i doing to reward myself then and they think we should plan a outing as a celebration. In relation to the first question im sure ill feel a sigh of relief...teary? I dunno about that...cos yes i get its a major even in this whole weight loss thing...but really its just one more step...theres been lots of steps and even when i reach that one there will still be lots more. While i get it is a good thing etc etc and im sure ill tell everyone who will listen LOL i am more then well aware that when i get to 99.9 legs are still gonna be still gonna have AT LEAST another 24 kilos to go...i will still have a lot more work to go. I have seen lots of people too set a lose 30 or 40 kilos or whatever...and they have reached that goal and then something has happened and they dont go further...and i dont want that happening...i dont want it to be this big event that i then get complacent cos i met "that" goal....i realise once i am there....then the next step is just to focus on the next goal. Im sure we will catch up for dinner around the time (and lets face it i dont really expect to hit it till maybe march) but a big celebration? nah i doubt it.

Theres not too much else going on earlies this week which altho i cant gym it on the weekend means lots of classes this week since i can be at the gym 4pm onwards...YAY :)

Hope everyone has a good sunday!

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Hippygal said...

Wow girl look at you, well done :-)