Saturday, November 13, 2010

Look at my flash new blog...all dressed pretty!! LOL the template is from Yummy Lolly

When i was a kid i did ballet from about 10 years old. Anyway in about the second year the local paper came and did a story on my dance school and photographed my class to put in the paper. Anyway there was another girl in the class her name was Angelina...anyway everyone thought we looked alike enuff to be twins (we didnt lol she was stunning...i was definitely average looking) we were both tall, slender with dark hair. So as well as photos of the class they took some of me and Angelina together. Anywayyyyyyy so Angelinas dad owned a string of hairdressing salons and use to publish a hairdressing magazine...he saw the photos of us and asked me to be in the magazine :) So i had this big adventure one day after dance class...without my mum i went with Angelina into parramatta...hung around a photo studio all day (boringggggggggggggggg) eventually at the end of the day they took the photos...and then i was taken out for dinner to a posh italian restuarant for dinner. First time I had been out to a restuarant like that lol no wonder i still love italian food :) Anyway when I changed ballet schools we lost contact...but i often thought of Angelina...mum still has the magazines lol and they are occassionally bought out with the old "look how slim karyn was" Anyway so last nite for some reason i put Angelinas name in facebook and she came up! Still looks the same as she did 30 years ago (ok maybe taller lol) ... it must be one of the most exciting facebook ads ive done... :) Anyway it is her...she confirmed me as a friend....out of all the people i met thru ballet she was always the one i would think exciting stuff! My aunt has photos from the modelling too i just sent her a message might get her to upload them to FB if she can

Okay on to flipping weight loss news... BLAH .... the scales went up AGAIN they were up 2.9 kilos this morning :( yesterday i only ate 1500 calories and the day before 1800 calories...which yes is higher then previously...but discounting my exercise i should be able to eat about 2500 without gaining weight so i dont think its the calories thats the issue...i think it gets back to my fluid levels...and i prolly had dried my whole bloomin system out! So the sensible part of my brain knows i havent put on 2.9 kilos of fact i ate really good yesterday including 3 pieces of fruit (yay me) and i know the focus needs to be on health not a number on the scales but at the same time it stresses me cos their is that worry of "this is it this is me going back to 170 kilos" i know its not reasonable thinking...i know i half expected to gain a few kilos... And seriously part of me just hates the damn scales...if it wasnt that i feel i lose my accountability so much i would seriously just eat right do my exercise and not weigh in again till January 1...reason i wont do that is for one thing i have a appointment with eve each week lol the other im petrified i would gain bloomin 10 kilos or something ridiculous.

Exercise wise im planning to go walking this afternoon there is a local oval i have noticed not far from me and if its relatively empty (its wet weather today so maybe) ill try and run around some of it...i couldnt run around all of it but we will see what i can do!

Tonite im off for dinner with martina, tina and tania...mite even take a photo before i go out...see how lazy i am at that stage lol...enjoy ur day all!

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Christina said...

I loooove searching for childhood friends on Facebook; it's just interesting to see how they've grown up. I'm sorry about the scale, she's being a bitchy friend these days. Maybe you guys need some time apart ;) Have fun at dinner!