Friday, November 12, 2010

As i suspected the scales have gone up. I dont think its related to the calories i think i mentioned previously ive had a sore tooth...its a lot better now but whilst it was really sore i didnt drink much water and prolly dehydrated myself. So i have been getting back to my normal water levels...and so whilst the scales have gone up...(about 2.1 kilos) i think its just about im not stressing...not just yet anyways LOL Also i have been starting work early this week so weighing in about 2 hours earlier then normal which is prolly influencing it as well.

Last nite i gymed it ... did a PT session of boxing with fiona then dashed into RPM and did a RPM class...i was one buggered girl...burnt 950 calories go me :)

Very strange weekend this weekend...the gym is CLOSED tomorrow so i actually get to sleep in LOL Gonna go op shopping (yet again)... go get eyebrows waxed and then out to dinner with tania, martine and tina. And taking them two bags of clothes for them to go thru and see if they want any of. Even decided my skirts i am gonna offer them...have come to a conclusion anything above the knees just doesnt work for me.

Its just started raining here after being 31 celsius yesterday *rolls eyes* tonite im planning a very quiet nite...savoury mince for dinner with lots of vegies and watching some more the big bang theory.

My friend who is in hospital is improving! Got some photos of him last nite in hospital...he is having his 5th transfusion today and improving...he is up walking with the help of a frame...and will hopefully be released next week and he will then go to a rehab centre for work on his motor skills...i woulda liked to go visit him tomorrow...but with the pagaent on im not going near the city LOL so will prolly go visit him sunday afternoon

Have a good day all :)

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Martine (email: said...

See you tomorrow night, I wear the last lot of clothes you gave me. I am DESPERATE for skirts (he he ) so catch up Sat night. Martine