Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Third post for the day!! LOL But a much better post...ive made some decisions. After chatting with people from BLC in a private group on FB ive decided taking into account (a) the amount of exercise i do (b) the fact ive omitted fruit, hot chocolates (cos of the milk), and barely eaten at nite leading me to eating hardly any vegetables (c) plus the fact tonite ive had bad calf pains which i know from experience is due to not getting enough potassium from my normal daily bananas (d) my aim is to be healthy not skinny

So ive decided to boost my calories to 1700 per day and to calorie cycle. I think i will also try and increase the intensity of my exercise. This week i worked out i ate only 1350 calories once i averaged it out...considering the minimum anyone should eat is 1200...the fact i still have weight to lose plus the exercise i do...and still have 30 kilos to go i will increase the calories to 1700. I wanna simply focus on good food...more ensuring i have more vegetables...1-2 fruit serves per day (and to stop obsessing over the natural sugar in fruit) and also ensuring i am eating protein each nite. Over the last few weeks ive had many comments where people have said "you are fading away" and i guess i dont want people to suddnely think "wow shes getting fat" and this may lead me to gain a couple of kilos before i start to lose again...or i may lose...or i may not sure...but if any of those happen...thats ok...sure its unlikely ill hit 99.9 kilos by xmas...but really is that the end of the world? Long term health is more important. SO ill do this till the end of the year....of course if i suddenly gain 5 kilos ill be reassessing...but right at the moment i think this is a good move...ill take a breath...ill get lots of good nurtients in me. The thing is....ive got from 134.8 kilos on january 1 to around 106 kilos this around 28-29 kilos ive lost this year...sure its a lil short of what i wanted to reach for the year...but its still damn good! And theres no shame if i stick at this weight for the rest of the year....then reassess for next doesnt mean i am going off just means im taking a breath....hopefully with losses and focusing more on exercise and less on diet.


Natalie said...

What you are doing sounds very intelligent Kazz. Nutrients are king! Feeding your body makes a lot more sense than starving it.

Deb said...

What you want to lose in a year, and what your body is willing to lose in a year, may be 2 quite different numbers. Your losses have been fantastic over the year. Focus on that, not the fact that you may not have lost as much as you set as a target.
It's interesting that you and I have done very similar numbers this year. I was 135 last January. Now I'm 109. I may not get into double digits this year, but I'll get close, and I feel SO much better than this time last year.
So, get the nutrients in. Be healthy. And keep on going!