Saturday, November 27, 2010

Next Year

So 4 years ago I started this journey...i wanted to be healthy of course...i wanted life to be easier then it was .... but i cant lie two big motivating factors was having a social life and having a partner.

The partner thing is not that big a deal these a independent so and so...i know i dont NEED someone else....but must admit its always been the social life i have wanted more. There was never going to be a quick fix to my situation...i needed to put in substantial work. Yes i could have been out having my social life or working towards obtaining a social life for the last 4 years...but i was so far from goal and so far from being happy with myself i needed to work on the weight loss. Dont get me wrong i STILL need to work on the weight loss...but ive been at this a long time now...ive got 30 kilos to go...i enjoy my PT sessions...i enjoy the fitness classes....sticking to the food plan is not hard for me now...but i think now its more about embracing the life as a whole that i want. Still doing what I have been doing ... but wanting to do more outside events....enjoy the fresh air more....get out their and have a social life...not drinking all the time or anything but just getting out there meeting people and having some fun. I dont desire to drink where as 2 years go out i needed alcohol to have the confidence to meet people...i think im a lil different these days, sure im not hugely confident...but living in my own lil world in my lil unit away from all wont get me that confidence either. I need to get out there with a smile on my face and just enjoy life. As a friend just pointed out on FB...20 years ago i was a bit of a party girl. And i was...not that i did nothing but partying but i had a good bunch of friends...i was out having fun...we didnt drink (well not much lol)...we just use to go out dance away and enjoy ourselves.

So this coming going to set a goal that i dont say no to ANY social invitation. Just for one year im gonna put myself out there and go out...if at the end of the year i decide socialising is not for me...fine...back to no social life for me ;) but i need to make the effort.

Next year is going to be a very different year...for the first time I wont have HUGE weight loss goals...the goal will be to get to 85 kilos a mere 20 kilos...and more then that just keep focusing on improving my fitness and toning my body. In May 2011 my sister and i are planning a trip to sydney...our old primary school is celebrating 50 we are going to go back for a nostalgic visit....we are planning to visit our dads grave (huge HUGE huge deal for me) which we have never been too....

Late July I will be starting 3.5 months of long service leave :) Plenty of ME time! Ill be using it start my studies and also to focus on gyming it every day with some consistency...getting all the fitness classes in...and just doing some fun stuff. I am also planning to do the foxy challenge at the gym....and if they do a bootcamp whilst im on long service leave ill prolly do that too.

I am such a worrier and think everything to such a degree...and i think the way to cure myself of that (not that i think thinking is bad...more the overthinking...and i simply need to learn to relax) is to just start enjoying life more. I got thinking the other day...if i didnt have this weight loss journey...i would really have nothing satisfying in this life...and lets be the next year or two i wont have this weight loss journey (i hope) ill be at a point that im at a healthy weight...still working out of course...but wont have that focus of what will the scales say i need to ensure...when that does happen....that i have lots of other things in my life to keep me occupied and focussed.

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To Band or not To Band? said...

What a great idea! I have a friend who has been single for 16 years and this year she had a "say yes to everything" year - and low and behold - met a man!!!!!! Wow! I can't imagine 3.5 months off to do whatever you wanted! Wow!