Friday, November 26, 2010

I think the signs are its time for me to start to step out of my comfort zone! I got a message earlier in the week from a girl off pink sofa i chatted to ages ago....anyway she was asking me if i wanted to meet up at the picnic on working on sunday so obviously declined...well i got a message this morning from her wondering if next week when she has 5 days if i wanna meet up *gulp* the initial thought is a message something along the lines of "love to but busy sorry" LOL but especially in light of what i posted yesterday...and the fact the first day of her 5 days off i DO actually have the day off thinkig maybe i should message back and say to meet up for coffee....surely that wont kill me??? LOL Must be the week of getting out of my comfort zone...that plus the drinks on sunday...lawdie lawdie

My foot...the achilles is still sore today :( So will rest it over the next few days and just go do all the easier options in the classes next week. I see nora (physio) on wednesday...after all the money i spent on the last physio i cant say i have a lot of faith in the physio profession....but i will go see her with a open fingers crossed.

Sunday nite i am going out for dinner with martine and tina and we are meeting up with Gae from that should be nice. I am working this weekend blah blah...but hopefully we arent busy.

I FINALLY got my xmas leave approved today! YAY got all i wanted...not everyone did so i was a very lucky girl. So now i am officially getting excited!! 3 weeks and then im off for 13 days weeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

The scales went up today...but day 3 of TOM so i think its just fluid...hopefully thats all it is ! LOL

Have a good weekend all!

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Karen said...

Hi Kazz - You so deserve to be in a great relationship. I hid myself away after a bad marriage and then ventured out into internet dating. I nearly gave up many times and had my self-confidence shaken to the core. Finally, I met the most amazing man and am sooo glad that I put myself out there again. Have a wonderful dinner with Martine and the gang. Could you give Gae a hug from me? I think that she (and you) are just incredible. Karen xo