Tuesday, September 07, 2010

I had been thinking lately its been like forever since i had a migraine...i knew i hadnt had one this year...anway it turns out my last migraine was july 16 2009...over a year with no migraine...thats pretty amazing...i use to get them every few months...and wasnt uncommon for me to get a cluster of them....shows you how my healthy lifestyle has helped me in more ways then just weight loss!!

Tonight i gmed it...did my first ever "studio cycle" class...and all i can say is OMG!!! The whole time during the class i was thinking...when will this hell be over LOL...its harder then RPM....a lot more cycling whilst standing...but man it burnt the calories...i burnt 520 calories in 45 minutes which is pretty awesome.

Then i went and saw Eve (my dietician) was quite interesting...i knew the scales had gone up this week altho my jeans have been feeling looser...this week apart from eating some high sodium food on the weekend...my eating has been spot on...so i could get all "blah" that ive gained...but im not...cos i know i did my best...anyway weighed in...i had a gain of 700 grams...BUT my body fat went down by 0.6%...its now under 45% mwuahahhaa...only just...but is now 44.9%. I talked to my dietician about it and she thinks too...that ive lost nearly 60 kilos...thats huge for my body to have done...she expects i will fluctuate on a week to week basis now...but she isnt concerned as long as overall i have a downward trend...when we looked over the last 2 months....i have lost 4-5 kilos...which works out to 500 grams per week...which is a healthy figure....also my body fat has been dropping every week (has only gone up once in the last 2 months) so the trend is definitely going in a downward trend. So very happy. She then said to me...look at my new poster...it was a new fernwood poster of a girl who lost 90 kilos...she was like...that could be you. She then also said...she believes i can be under 100 kilos for xmas...so thats the solid focus.

I went back thru my journal today....and realise the last time i had a migraine was July 16 2009....i think thats pretty fantastic...over a year with no migraine...shows you that a healthy lifestyle does so much more then make you lose weight!

I also love Jaxxs list of 101 things to do...i think i should create my own list!! Okies off i go...time to relax and watch some NCIS...enjoy all!!!


Hippygal said...

I think you should do, I am hoping it will help me to keep focused in all aspects of my life, and to help to take my mind of just weight loss :-)

Anonymous said...

So great about the migraines, same thing happened for me too, and I didn't realise it till I read your post! I don't know whether maybe it's because of the pressure being off my neck and back or something, but who cares, it's all good!