Monday, July 05, 2010

I had wondered whether last weeks loss was due to TOM. But TOM finished on friday and i dropped by 500 grams over im pretty confident now i have simply found the sweet spot with my calories :) So yes this morning was 115.3 kilos...getting very close to being under 115 kilos! I really think the goal of being udner 110 kilos by xmas is very doable!

I ordered a jacket from ezibuy the other day,,,,it arrived today...size "L" fits me nicely and is a nice rose pink colour...must look good cos even all the bois at work liked it lol We have a work do next week. So i think that with one of my new pink tshirts and maybe my black pants and i should look snazzy! Will have to make sure i get a photo or two.

Tomorrow is my day off and apart from running around with hoping to make a lunch time class of body balance then tomorrow nite body pump and then weigh in and MEASUREMENT day (hopefully) Hopefully we will know by this time tomorrow EXACTLY whats wrong with my precious feet.

Tomorrow is also 2 weeks with no diet soft drink...and must admit i am not missing it....waters just become common place for me...and im surviving quite nicely :) Ok not much else to say...have a good monday all !!

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Effie said...

Good luck with your weigh in this week and your feet. I was looking at your pics as well and you look fantastic, just like a brand new person. I love ezi-buy, they have some nice stuff and from what I have bought it is really well made too. I also have some stuff that I haven't been able to fit into yet but with motivation from your blog I will get there one day.

Have a great day.