Thursday, April 08, 2010

Yesterday everything went good...i ate 1251 calories...again i woke up a heap of times to go to the loo ... but the scales mvoed down nicely again this morning so is all good...this morning i was over my 50 kilos lost which was nice!

In relation to my gym vs social life i think a big part of it is just the break i have had from the gym. I missed it the first few days....but then i got into a routine of no gym...and to be honest laziness has prolly occurred. I think in a week or two time i will be back in my normal groove. Its not like i dont go out at all i do...its mostly the friday nites i dont do...and i know i would drink...and that really does me no favours...and really my weight loss is still really at a "saving my life" my thought is completely focus 150% on this for 12 then i would hope i am under 90 kilos...and i can pull back a lil to 2 PT sessions per week. Its all just about where my focus is i think, and with that...gym TONITE! I think once i get back into it i will be much more focused

Have a good day all :)


Martine (email: said...

The gym is my social life at present !

Mad Woman said...

I had a couple weeks like that too. I took a few days off which turned into a week which turned into two weeks. I'm back at it now but it's bloody hard work isn't it?

Deb said...

50kg gone?? Congratulations! And happy dancing. And yelling and laughing like an idiot. That's a mammoth effort.
How about a compromise over the gym? Could you keep going, but don't meet with the PT on Saturday mornings? The gym is not just weight loss, but keeping you trim, taut and terrific. I would really hesitate to throw that away.
But 50kg gone?? Wow, wow, wow.