Thursday, April 08, 2010

Well went to the gym! And i burnt 971 calories! holy hell :) So i climbed my 7 flights of stairs 2 stairs at a time not holding on to the rails...then did 20 minutes of relatively slow walking...then did my 30 minutes of boxing...then 10 minutes at level 3 on the xtrainer and then 5 minutes on the rower. Not bad 971 calories in 90 minutes. During PT i told fiona i had considered giving the gym up....but i didnt go into why except saying i had got into a habit of not attending. Fionas response was i know where u live! lol anway even tho i felt quite alien at the gym tonite and my body didnt seem to move quite as good as normal...i am glad i went...i realised i missed having fiona there to bounce thoughts of. But just to clarify im definitely not giving up...compromising with going out on friday nites wouldnt really work cos i know ill wanna drink and that wont help...i have every intention of focusing 100% on this for 12 months...then maybe after that i will be close enuff to goal to cut back to two PT sessions per week. But in all honesty i still need 3 sessions per week. Anyway another good day....i was set for 1600 calories today and i ate 1650 calories...but considering how many calories burnt i dont think thats a issue lol

Off i go...this princess needs some sleep!

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Katali said...

I'm glad you made that decision. :) What I'm finding more and more is that if I'm exercising, then my head is in the right place. And if I'm not, then it isn't. Full stop.

And 971 calories is brilliant! Well done!