Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Well today is going good ! Yesterday i did stick to the 1400 calories. Interestingly altho i didnt increase my fluid intake i woke up twice during the nite for a toilet stop and then ta-da the scales had gone down by 700 grams over nite :)

Today i have been on 1300 calories and with dinner i have eaten 1241 calories...which has worked perfectly. Tomorrow i have a whopping 1600 calories yay :) And since its back to gym nite might even treat myself to a yiros for dinner.

I have a confession to make i was considering quitting the gym :( i had a 24 hour period where i was really second guessing some stuff. Dont get me wrong i really do enjoy the gym...i love how strong it makes me and how its changing my body...but sometimes i sit back and i see all my friends going out on friday nites (i have PT sat mornings so i avoid going out friday nites)... they are having a good time...drinking their alcohol etc and hooking up with gfs...and that was one of my at least go on a date! lol or even better get myself a here for the last year i decided to really focus...havent gone out too drinking...and dont get me wrong i am satisfied with what i have accomplished...and i do feel better about myself...but i sometimes feel im busting my gut doing what i need to do but it just feels those "goals" are still a million miles away. I was telling my friends Joe and Ryan about it today and Joe was quit the gym and i will give you a good slapping! lol Of course i got my head a bit straighter on...and get i just really need to focus on this cos its more then just about a partner its about saving my life too. My contract for the gym is up in about 4 weeks i will really need to make some decisions in relation to that.

Okies off i go!


Tania said...

Kazz, sounds like you need to reach a compromise between the gym and a social life! Talk to Fiona about it, explain that you feel like you're missing out, i'm sure she'll be able to give you some suggestions on what she thinks you should do. But DON'T stop going to the gym it has literally changed your life for the better, maybe cutting back a bit is all that you need.

Mad Woman said...

The thing with going hard out and cutting out all that fun stuff is that we reach a point like this and want to give it up to have the good stuff. Like Tania said, you need a compromise. I'd hate to see you give up the gym, start having a great social life and then UNdo all the good you've done to this point.

You're doing so well :)